Historic District Construction & Renovation

All buildings in the Old Village Historic District are subject to Design Review.

There are 2 categories of buildings: those that are 75 years old or older are considered "Historic" and those that are less than 75 years old are considered "Non Historic". The review process for the Historic category of buildings is more stringent than the Non Historic category of buildings.

What is Design Review?

Design review in a local historic district protects the unique character of a place. Property owners use guidelines to help them improve their property while keeping historic architectural integrity intact.

How does the Design Review process work?

You must get a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from the Old Village Historic District Commission before starting

- any total or partial demolition;
- exterior alteration or addition that is visible from the right-of-way;
- hardscape in the front lawn that covers more than 40% of the area;
- new construction;
- within the Old Village Historic District (OVHD).

Demolition includes demolition by neglect. Alteration includes changes and/or additions to an existing building or structure. New construction refers to the erection of an entirely new building or structure and includes but is not limited to new houses, outbuildings, commercial buildings, storage buildings, and retaining walls. A COA is also required before moving any building into, out of, or within the HD.

The Commission reviews only exterior elevations that are visible from the public right-of-ways. The Commission does not govern the use of a building; the proposed use of a building cannot be considered at a COA hearing.

The Commission must approve your application if it meets all the guidelines. The Commission may only deny applications when the proposed work does not meet ordinance requirements. These guidelines present objective standards by which applications can be evaluated.

Buildings, site features, and materials that are not in harmony with the historic character of the OVHD do already exist in the OVHD; such items were likely introduced after the period of historic significance, when most of the area was developed, and before the introduction of the CHD overlay zoning. You are not required to remove inharmonious construction or inappropriate materials that already exist in the OVHD. It is not appropriate, however, to introduce construction that does not complement the streetscape or materials that are not on the Approved Materials List based on the argument that it already exists in the district. Additionally, if you remove an existing inappropriate feature or material-such as a chain-link fence or aluminum siding-you will not get approval to reintroduce the inappropriate feature or material to the site or building.

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